Sözlük Derlemesi

Administrator Logon, Admission Control Service, Adopt, Adress Resolutain, Adult Content, Advance, Advanced, Advanced Compression, Advanced Configuration, Advanced Configuration And Power Interface (ACPI), Advanced Connection, Advanced Control, Advanced Filter, Advanced Graphics, Advanced Security, Advantage, Advertisement, Aerial, AF, Agent, Aggregate, Aging Interval Multiplier, Axis, Axis Gridlines, Axis Translation Line, AI, Aid, Alarm, Alert, Alert Message, Alert Text, Alertable, Algorithm, Alias, Align, All Rights Reserved, Allocatable Resource, Allocate, Allocated Memory, Allocation Unit, Allocation Unit Size, Alpha Channels, Alphabet, Alphabetic, Alphanumeric, Alt Key, Alter, Alternate Character Set, Alternate Code Page, Alternate Collating Sequence, Alternate Current, Alternate DNS Server, Alternate Key, Alternate Recipient, Alternate Subject, Alternate Track, Alternate, Alternative, Alternating, Alternating Current, Alternating Current (AC), Alternative, AM, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Standart Codes for Information Interchange (ASCII), Ampersand, Amplifier, Amplitude, Analog, Analog Computer, Analog Circuit, Analog Digital Convertor(ADC), Analog Film Recorder, Analog Monitor, Analogy, Analysis, Analyzer, Anchor, Anchor Point, Andrews File System, Animate, Animation, Annotation, Announcement, Anonymous Connections, ANSI, Answerback, Anticlockwise, Antistatic, Antonyms, Aperture, API, Apostrophe, App Compat, Appear, Append, Appendix, Applet, Appletalk, Appletalk File Protocol, Application, Application Compatibility, Application Deployment Editor, Application Enabling, Application Icon, Application Installation Point, Application Layer, Application Location, Application Management, Application Preinstall Information, Application Preinstallation Launcher, Application Program, Application Programming Interface, (API), Application Requester, Application Requesting Card, Application Server, Application Sharing, Application Software, Apply, Approximate, Approve, Arabic Numbers, Arbitrary, Arc, Architecture, Archive, Area, Area Chart, Argument, Arithmetic, ARP, Arp Cache, Arrange, Array, Arrival Sequence Access Path, Arrow, Arrow Head, Arrow Key, Arrow Style, Arrow Size, Article, Artificial, Artificial İntelligence (AI), Artwork, Ascender, Ascending, Ascending Order, Ascent, ASCII, ASCII Receiving, ASCII Sending, Aspect Ratio, Aspect Ratio (Of Vector Fonts), Aspect Ratio Correction, Assembler, Assembly, Assembly Language, Assertion Failure, Assign, Assignment, Assignment Statement, Assistance, Assocation, Associate, Associative Memory, Assume, Assumption, Assurance, Asterisk, Asymetric Multiprocessing, Asymmetric, Asynchronous, Asynchronous Procedure Call (APC), Asynchronous Refresh, Attach (Hardware), Attach (Software), Attachment, Attachment (Hardware), Attended Operation, Attendee Availability, Attention, Attenuation, Attribute, Attribute Object, Audible, Audio, Audio Cd, Audio Configuration, Audio Data Rate, Audio Delay, Audio Driver, Audio Preroll, Audio Tape, Audio Transform Filter, Audio Tuning Wizard, Audio/Video, Audit, Audit Flag, Audit Trail, Auditing, Aux


Babble, Backbone, Backend, Background, Background Job, Background Mode, Backlighted, Backlit, Backlog, Backout, Backslash, Backspace, Backspace Key, Backspace Key Sends, Backtab, Backtracking, Backup, Backup Copy, Backup Device, Backup Domain Controller (BDC), Backup Frequency, Backup Operators, Backup Schedule, Backup Set, Backup Site Controller, Backup Wizard, Backward, Backwards Compatibility, Bad-Block Map, Bad Format, Bad Sector, Bad-Sector Mapping, Balance, Band, Band Printer, Bandwidth, Bank, Bank Select, Banner, Bar, Bar Chart, Barcode, Barcode Slot Reader, Barcode Wand, Base, Base Address, Base Port Address, Base Register, Base Unit, Baseband, Baseline, Basic, Basic Partitions, Batch, Batch File, Batch Job, Batch Processing, Battery, Battery Life, Battery Pack, Baud, Baud Rate, BBS, BDC, Beam, Beep, Before-İmage, Bell, Belt, Benchmark, Benchmark Test, Bent Arrow, Bias, Bidirectional, Bidirectional Support, Bin, Bin Feed, Binary, Binary Code, Binary Digit, Binary File, Binary Search, Binary System, Binary-Coded Decimal (BCD), Bind, Bindery, Binding Margins, Bionics, Bipolar, Bistable, Bit, Bit Rate, Bitmap, Bitmapped, Bits Per Character (BPC), Bits Per Second (BPS), Black-And-White (BW), Blank, Blank Backup, Blank Character, Blank Restore, Blend, Blink, Block, Block Copy, Block Delete, Block Move, Block Number, Block Selection, Blur, BNC, BNC Connector, Board, Body, Box, Boxed Paragraph, Boilerplate Text, Bold, Boldface, Bookmark, Bookmarked Area, Boolean, Boolean Algebra, Boolean Character, Boolean Operator, Boolean İnstructions, Boot, Boot Floppy, Boot Loader, Boot Manager, Boot Record, Boot Sector, Bootcode, Bootcode File, Bootstrap, Border, Bottom, Bottom Margin, Bottom Tray, Bottom-Up Parsing, Bottom-Up Programming, Bounce, Bouncekeys, Boundary, Boundary Condition, Boundary Value, BPC, BPS, Bps, Brace, Bracket, Branch, Branching, Break, Break-Even Point, Breakdown, Breaking Link, Breakpoint, Bridge, Briefcase, Brightness, Bring To Front, Broadband, Wideband, Broadcast, Broadcasting, Broken Word, Browse, Browse The Network, Browse The Web, Brush, Bubble Board, Bubble Memory, Bubble Sort, Bucket, Buffer, Buffering, Bug, Built-in, Built-in Group, Built-in Method, Built-in Role, Bulk, Bulk Storage, Bullet, Bulleted List, Bulleted Paragraph, Bulletin Board Services, Bulletin Board System (BBS), Burn-in, Burned-in İmage, Burst, Burst Mode, Burster, Bus, Bus Mouse, Business Case, Busy, Button, Bypass, Byte


C-SLIP, CA, Ca/Cg, Cabinet, Cable, Cache, Cache (To), Cache Buffer, Cache Manager, Cached Copy, Caching, CAD, CAE, Calculate, Calculator, Calendar, Calendar Control, Calibrate, Call, Callback, Callback Number, CAM, Camcorder, Camera, Campus Wide Information System (CWIS), Cancel, Cancel Button, Canceling (Of A Job), CAND, Capability, Capacity, Capital, Capital Letter, Capitalization, Capitalized Letter, Caps, Caps Lock, Caption, Capture, Carbon Copy (CC), Carbon Copy List, Card, Card Labels, Cardinal Numbers, Caret, Carriage Return, Carrier, Carry, Cartridge, Cartridge Drive, Cartridge Tape Unit, Cascade, CASE, Case Conversion, Case Sensitive, Case Study, Cash, Cash Register, Cassette, Catalog, Category, Category Axis, Category Axis Scale, Category Labels, Cathode Ray Tube, CC, CD, CD-Audio, Cd Boot Disk, CD Burner, CD Player, CD-Rom, CD-Rom Changer, CD-Rom Driver, CD-Rom-Player, CD Tray, CDD, Cell, Cell Protection, Cell Range, Center, Center Alignment, Centimeters, Central, Central Processing Unit, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Centralized Administration, Certificate Authority, Certificate of Authenticity (CA), Certificate Request File, Certificate Server, Certificate Server Configuration, Certificate Server Configuration Wizard, Certificate, Certification, CGA, CGM İmport Filter, Chained File, Chained List, Chaining, Challenge-Respond Method, Change, Changer, Channel, Channel Guide, Channel Refresh, Channel Screen Saver, Channel-Attached, Chapter, Chapter Heading, Char Pitch, Char Right Extend, Character, Character Delay, Character Format, Character Map, Character Mapping:, Character Preview, Character Recognition, Character Repeat, Character Scaling, Character Set, Character Set Mapping, Character String, Character Style, Character Width Grid, Characters Per Inch (CPI), Characteristic, Charge Coupled Device (CDD), Chart, Chart Menu Bar, Chart Window, Chart Wizard, Chat, Chat Room, Chat Room List, Chat Room Name, Chat Room Topic, Check, Check Box, Check Bit, Check Digit, Check Disk Options, Check Mark, Check-Out, Checkpoint, Checkspelling, Checksum, Child, Child Domain, Child Process, Chip, Choice, Choose, CIM, Cipher, Circle, Circuit, Circuit Switching, Circular Dependency, Circular Reference, Circular Service Dependency, Clamp, Class, Class Access, Class Container, Class Driver List, Class Module, Class Object, Class Store, Class Store Path, Classify, Classification, Clause, Clean-Up Update, Cleaner, Clear, Clear Session, Clear-Text Password, Clearance, Click, Clickable Map, Client, Client Authentication, Client-Only, Client-Server Model, Client/Server, Client/Server Application, Clip, Clipart, Clipboard, Clipboard Clip, Clipboard Viewer, Clipbook Server, Clipbook Viewer, Clipper Object, Clock, Clock Pulse, Clock Signal, Clock Rate, Clocking, Clockwise


DA, DA Conversion, DA Converter, Daemon, Daily, Daisy-Chain, Damage, Dash, Dashed Line, DAT, Data, Data Access, Data Bank, Data Bus, Data Collection Terminal, Data Communucation, Data Communucations Equipment (DCE), Data communication, Data Document, Data Dictionary, Data Dispenser, Data Entry, Data File, Data İntegrity, Data İnterchange Format, Data Link, Data Link Layer, Data Management, Data Model, Data Processing, Data Processing Center, Data Protection, Data Rate, Data Receiver, Data Record, Data Recorder, Data Reduction, Data Reference, Data Reference Line, Data Repository, Data Security, Data Set, Data Source, Data Storage Density, Data Storage Unit, Data Structure, Data Signalling Rate, Data Sink, Data Tablet, Data Transcription, Data Transfer, Data Transfer Rate, Data Transmission, Data Type, Data/Text Merge, Database, Database Background, Database Column Name, Database Integrity, Database Management System (DBMS), Database Utilities, Database Window, Database Wizard, Datasheet, Datatext, Date Format, DBMS, DCE, Deactivate, Dead Key, Deadline, Deadlock, Deadlock Condition, Deallocate, Debug, Debug Monitor, Debug Window, Debugger, Debugger Breakpoint, Debugging, Decentralized Prosessing***, Decimal, Decimal Aligned, Decimal Alignment, Decimal Character, Decimal Place, Decimal Point, Decimal Tabs, Decimal Tabstop, Decimal Value, Decipher, Decision, Decisional Database, Deck, Declaratives, Declare, Decode, Decoder, Decompress, Decompression, Decompile, Decrease, Decrement, Decrypt, Dedicate, Dedicated, Default, Default Value, Defer, Deferred Procedure Call (DPC), Define, Definite, Definition, Deflector, Deflection, Defragment, Degradation, Degree, Del Key, Delay, Delay Time, Delegate, Delegation Lifetime, Delete, Delete Cleaner, Delete Files, Delete Key, Deletion Mark, Delimiter, Delivery, Demand, Demand Multiplexing, Demand Paging, Demand-Dial Interface Wizard, Demodulate, Demodulator, Demonstration, Demote, Demount, Density, Dependency Service, Dependent, Deployment, Desaturate, Descender, Descending, Descending Order, Descent, Description, Deselect, Design, Design Mode, Designation, Desired Access Rights, Desk, Desk Accessory, Desktop, Desktop Configuration, Desktop Manager, Desktop Pattern, Desktop Publishing, Desktop Update, Destination, Destination Address, Destination Container, Destructive, Destructive Read, Detach, Detached Program, Detail, Detail Report, Detectable, Determinant, Develop, Developer, Development Tool, Device, Device Driver, Device Driver Interface (DDI), Device Fonts (Printer), Device Independent, Device Independent Bitmap, Device Management, Device Map, Device Object, Device Token, Device-Specific Properties, DFS, DFS Root, DHCP, Dxinfo, DIP, Diacritical Mark, Diagnose, Diagnostic Message, Diagnosis, Diagonal, Diagram, Dial, Dial Connection


E-Mail Address, E-Mail Message, E-Zine, Echo, Echo Request, Echo Threshold, Edge, Edit, Edit Box, Edition, Editor, Effective, Efficiency, Exception, Exception Dispatcher, Exception Handler, Exception Handling, Exception Message, Exchange, Exclude, Exclusive, Exclusively Locked File, Executable, Execute, Execution Time, Executive, Executive Information System, Existing, Exit, Expand, Expanded, Expanded Memory, Expansion Board, Expansion Card, Expansion Gate Feature, Expansion Slot, Expert System, Expiration Date, Expire, Explicit, Exploded Pie, Exponent, Exponential, Export, Export Server, Expression, Extend, Extended Attribute, Extended Attribute File, Extended Attributes (EA), Extended Character Set, Extended Characters, Extended Keyboard, Extended Memory, Extended Motion Vectors, Extension, Extension Cable, Extension Cord, External, External Modem, External Storage, External Symbol, External Tag, External Variable, Externally Described Data, Externally Described File, Extract, Extreme, Eject, Equal Sign, Equalization, Equalize, Equation, Equation Editor, Equipment, Equivalent, Elapsed Time, Electronic Cash Register, Electronic Editing, Electronic Magazine (E-Zine), Electronic Mail (E-Mail), Electronic Publishing, Element, Eligible, Ellipsis, Em-Dash, Embed, Embedded Object, Emergency, Emergency Recovery, Emergency Repair Disk, Emergency Services Call, Emission, Emit, Emphasize, Empty, Emulate, Emulator, Emulation, Emulation Program, Enable, Enabled, Encapsulate, Encapsulation, Enclose, Enclosure, Encode, Encoder, Encoder Resiliency Options, Encrypt, Encryption, Encryption Key, End, End Key, End User, Endpoint, Endpoint Assignment, Endpoint Mapper, Energy, Energy Function, Enhance, Enhanced, Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA), Enhanced Keyboard, Enhanced Metafile, Enhanced Mode, Enqueue, Enlarge, Enter, Enter Key, Enterprise, Enterprise Network, Entry, Entry Point, Enumeration Operation, Envelope, Envelope Creation, Envelope Feeder, Environment, Environment Subsystem, Environment Variable, Epilogue, EPROM, Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM), Erase, Eraser, Ergonomics, Error, Error Alert, Error Code, Error Handling, Error Log, Error Message, Error Recovery, Esc Key, Escape (Esc), Escape Key, Escape Sequence, Estimated Compression Ratio, Ethernet Cart, Ethernet Hardware Address, European Nominal Digit Shapes, Even, Even Number, Event, Event Driven, Event Procedures, Event Viewer, Eventlog, Evoke


Facility, Factor, Factory Installation Tips, Fade In, Fade Out, Fax, Faximile, Faxmail Server, Fail, Failure, False, Fast Motion, Fast System Recovery, Fatal Error, Fault, Fault Tolerance, Fault Tolerant, Fault Tolerant DFS, Fault Tolerant Driver, Favorites, Favorites Folder, Feasibility, Feasibility Study, Feature, Feature Code, Feed, Feedback, Fetch, Fiber Optic, Field, Field Selection, Figure, Figure Caption, Fix, Fix Level, Fixed, Fixed Disk, Fixed Point, Fixed Spaced Font, File, File Details, File Folder, File Handle, File Manager, File Migrate, File Migrate Wizard, File Object, File Protection, File Record Segment, File Replication And Maintenance Service, File Replication Service, File Server, File Service Management, File System, File System Compatibility, File System Features, File System Upgrade Wizard, File Transfer, File Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Filemark, Files Selected, Fill, Fill Character, Fill Color, Fill Pattern, Filter, Filter Object Wizard, Filter Wizard, Filterkey, Filters Text, Final, Find, Find-N-Replace Wizard, Find Replace Object Name Wizard, Finger, Firewall, Firmware, Fit, FQDN, Flag, Flash, Flash Memory, Flexible, Flexible Disk, Flicker, Flip, Flip-Flop, Floating, Floating Point, Floating Point Unit (FPU), Floppy, Floppy Disk, Floppy Disk Drive, Floptical, Flow, Flow Control, Flowchart, Fluid, Flush, Flush Left, Flush Right, Fm Synthesizer Driver, Focus, Folder, Folder Size, Folio, Follow-Up Flag, Followed Hyperlink, Font, Font Card, Font Cartridge, Footer, Footing, Footnote, Footprint, Force, Force Start, Foreground, Foreign Address, Foreign Host, Form, Form Feed, Form Page Wizard, Format, Formula, Forward, Forward Link, FPU, Fraction, Fragment, Frame, Frame Rate, Frame Size, Frame-Based Exception Handler, Free, Free Memory, Freeware, Freeze, Frequency, Friction, Front End, Front-End Application, Frontpage Server Extension, FTP, Full, Full Control, Full Duplex, Full Duplex Operation, Full Path, Full Pathname, Full Resolution, Full Screen, Full Send, Fullword, Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), Function, Function Key, Functional, Fuse


Gallery, Game Controller, Gap, Gap Analysis, Garbage, Garbage Collection, Gate, Gateway, Gather, GDI, General, Generate, Generator, Generation, Generic, Generic Search, Get, GIF, Global, Global Catalog, Global Group, Globally Unique Id, Glossary, Grab, Gradation, Grade, Grammar, Grammar Checker, Grant List, Granted Access Rights, Graph, Graphic, Graphic Adapter, Graphical, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Graphics, Graphics Device Interface (GDI), Graphics Engine, Gray Level, Gray Scale, Grid, Gridlines, Grounding, Group By Subject, Group Policy, Guest, GUI, Guidance, Guide, Guidebar, Guideline, Gutter


Hacker, HAL, Half-Duplex, Halfword, Halt, Handle, Handler, Handling, Handshake, Handwriting Support, Hanging Indent, Hard Card, Hard Copy, Hard Disk, Hard Hyphen, Hard Page Break, Hard Sector, Hard Space, Hard Stop, Hard-Sector Disk, Hardware, Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), Hardware Check, Hardware Handshaking, Hardware Installation Wizard, Hardware Interrupt Levels, Hardware Jumpers, Hardware Requirements, Hardware Wizard, Hardwired, Hash, Head, Head Crash, Header, Header Integrity, Header Label, Heading, Headphone, Headphone Jack, Heat, Heat Sink, Hexadecimal Numbering System, Height, Help, Help Desk, Help For Help, Help Index, Help Text, Heterogeneous Computer Network, Heuristic, Heuristics, Hidden, Hidden File, Hide, Hierarchy, Hierarchical, Hierarchical Storage Management, High, High Availability, High Density, High End, High-Level, High-Level Language (HLL), High Performance File System (HPFS), High Resolution (HR), Higher-Level Protocol, Highlight, Highlight Key Points, Highway, Hint, Hint Flag, History File, History Log, Hive, Hives, HLL, Hold, Hold Down, Hole, Hollow Ellipse, Home Directory, Home Root, Home Router, Home Slot, Homogeneous Computer Network, Hop, Hop-Count Threshold, Horizontal, Horizontal Bar, Horizontal Resolution (HR), Host, Host Adress, Host Computer, Host Drive, Host Id, Host Name, Host Number, Hostname, Hot Key, Hot Link, Hot Pluggable Device, Hot Pluggable Devices Tray Icon, Hotline, Hour Glass, Housekeeping, HPFS, HR, HTML, HTTP, Hub, Hue, Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML), Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTP), Hyperlink, Hyperlink Context Menu, Hyperlink Converter, Hyperlink Menu, Hypermedia, Hyperterminal, Hypertext, Hyphen, Hyphenate


X.509 Certificates


I/O, ICML, Icon, Id, Id Number, Identical, Identification, Identifier, Identity, Identity Mapping, Idle, Idle Loop, Iff, Ignore, Illegal, Image, Image Processing, Imaginary, Imaging Help, Imaging Preview, Immediate Data, Impact, Impact Printer, Impedance, Imperative, Impersonate, Impersonation, Implement, Implicit, Implied, Import (Noun), Import (Verb), Import Server, Important, Improved, In-Basket, In Use Light, Inactive, Inbox, Inbound, Inch, Include, Inclusive, Incoming, Inconsistent, Incorrect Schema, Increase, Increment, Incremental Backup, Index, Indent, Indentation, Indented, Indented List, Indented Paragraph, Independent, Independent Client, Indicate, Indicator, Indirect, Indirect Adress, Individual Battery Icon, Individual Permissions, Indoor, Industry Standart Architecture (ISA), Inference, Infinite, Info, Informatics, Information, Information Frame, Information Service, Information Technology, Informational Database, Infrared, Infrared Communication, Infrared Device Wizard, Infrared Devices, Infrared Icon, Infrared Monitor, Inherent, Inherit, Inheritance, Initial, Initials, Initialize, Initialize To Basic, Initiate, Inject Doors, Ink Jet Printer, Inquiry, Inoperable Time, Input, Input Device, Input/Output, Input/Output (I/O), Insert, Insertion Point, Inside, Install, Install Folder, Installable File System (IFS), Installation, Installer, Installing Windows NT, Instance (Of A Program), Instruction, Instruction Code, Instruction Execution Unit, Instruction Set, Instrument, Insufficient, Integer, Integral Subsystem, Integrate, Integrated, Integrated Circuit, Integrated Modem, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Integrity, Intelligent Terminal, Intensity, Inter-Domain Group Membership, Interaction, Interactive Logon, Interactive Prompting, Intercept, Interchange, Interface, Interface (Mint Hardver Elem), Interface (Mint Szoftver Elem), Interface Card Slots, Interface Credentials, Interference, Interlock, Intermediate, Internal, Internal Support Function, Internet, Internet Address, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Internet Directory Services, Internet Gateway Authentication, Internet Protocol (IP), Internet Protocol Address, Internet Print Provider, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Internet Service Provider, Interoperability, Interpret, Interpreter, Interprocess, Interprocess Communication (IPC), Interrupt, Interrupt Affinity, Interrupt Dispatcher, Interrupt Handler, Interrupt Object, Interrupt Request (IRQ), Interrupt Request Level (IRQL), Interrupt Service Routine (ISR), Interrupt Switch, Intersection, Intersystem Communication, Intersite Messaging Service, Interval, Intervention, Intervention Required Check, Intrasystem Communication, Intrinsic, Introduction, Invalid, Invalid Path, Invalid Shared Memory Range, Inventory, Inverse, Invert, Invisible, Invoke, IOCTL, IP, IP Address, IP-Address Lease, IP Gateway, IP-Level Broadcasts, IP Router, IP Router Manager, IP Security Monitor, IRC, Irrational Number, Irrecoverable Error, ISA, ISDN, Isolate, Issue, Italic, Item, Item Script, Iterate, Iteration


Jack, Jam, Job, Job Description, Join, Join Type, Joint, Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), Journal, Journal File, Joy Stick, JPEG, Juke Box, Jump, Jumper, Junction, Junction Point, Junk Senders List, Justify, Justification


Kb, Kerberos Names, Kernel Mode, Kernel Process Object, Kernel Thread Object, Key, Key Container Name, Key Exchange Certificate Name, Key Frame, Key Frame Interval, Key/Subkey, Keyboard, Keyboard Input, Keyed Sequential Access, Keypad, Keypad Application Mode, Keystroke, Keyword, Kilobyte, Kilobytes, Kilohertz, Kiosk, Knowledge Based System, Knowledge System


Quad, Quadrant, Qualify, Qualifier, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality of Service, Quantify, Quantum Type And Length, Query, Queue, Queued Printing, Quick, Quick edit Mode, Quick Fax Viewer, Quick LPC, Quick Viewer, Quiescent, Quiet, Quit, Quota, Quota Management, Quotation Mark, Quotient


Label, Label Range, Lag, LAN, LAN Manager, LAN Server Connection, LAN Wizard, Landscape, Language, Language Monitor, Laptop Computer, Large Icon, Laser Printer, Lasso, Last Known Good Configuration, Last Update, Latch, Latency, Launch, Layer, Layout, LCD, LCD Panel, LDAP, LDAP Attribute Name, LDAP Class Name, LDAP Display Name, LDAP Namespace Object, LDAP Pathname Descriptor, LDAP Provider, LDAP Provider Object, Leader, Leader Character, Leading Characters, Leading Zero, Leased Line, Least Significant Digit, Left Adjust, Left Aligned, Left Alignment, Left-Handed, Left To Right Embedding, Left To Right Mark, Left To Right Override, Legal, Legal File Name, Legend, Length, Length of aSecret, Letter, Letter Quality, Letterhead, Letterwizard, Level, Lever, Library, License, License Agreement, License Manager, Licensed Program, Life, Life Cycle, Light, Light Source Shading, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Cristal Display (LCD), Limit, Line, Line Callout, Line Chart, Line Color, Line Device Access, Line Drawing, Line Drawing, 2-D, Line Drawing, 3-D, Line Feed, Line Printer, Line Printer Daemon (LPD), Line Spacing, Line Style, Line Width, Linear, Lines Per İnch, Link, Link Dialog, Link-State Database, Linkage, Linked To, List, List View Behavior, Literal, Live, Live Web Data, Load, Load Conflict, Loader, Local, Local Area Computure Network, Local Area Network (LAN), Local Client, Local Group, Local Guest Logon, Local Host Table File, Local Logon, Local Network, Local Procedure Call (LPC), Local Security Authority, Locale, Localization Test Tool, Locate, Location, Lock, Lock Pages İn Memory, Lock Pin Types, Log, Log Book, Log File, Log Format, Log in, Log Off, Log on, Log Out, Log Service, Log View, Log Viewer, Logic, Logic Board, Logical Disk Manager Refresh, Login, Logo, Logon, Logon Hours, Logon Password, Logon Process, Logon Script, Long Dash, Long-Haul Networks, Lookup, Loop, Loop Delay, Loopback, Loopback Adapter, Loosely Coupled, Lost Packet Time, Lotus Organizer Converters, Low, Low Density, Low End, Low-Level, Low-Level Language, Lowercase, LPC, LPD, LPD Server, Luminance


Machine, Machine Check, Machine Code, Machine Language, Macintosh Names, Macro, Macro Argument, Macro Virus Protection, Macroprocessor, Magenta, Magnetic, Magnify, Magnification, Magnifier, Max Battery, Maximize, Maximum, Maximum Number of Secrets, Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU), Mail, Mail File Migration, Mail Headers, Mail Merge, Mailbox Password, Mailing Address, Mailing Labels, Mailing List, Main, Main Memory, Main Storage, Mainboard, Mainframe, Maintenance, Major, Major Unit, Majority, Malfunction, Managed Software Installer For Windows®, Management, Management Console, Management Console Administration, Management İnformation Base (MIB), Management İnformation System, Manager, Mandatory, Mandatory Access Control, Mandatory Profile, Manipulate(To), Manual, Manual Exposure, Manual Feed, Manual Pagebreak, Map, Mapped Drives, Mapped File, Margin, Mark, Marker, Markup Language, Marquee, Mask, Mass, Mass Memory, Mass Storage, Mass Storage Classes, Master, Master Boot Record., Master Copy, Master Domain, Master Directory Tree, Match, Match Case, Matching Words, Math Coprocessor, Matrix, Matrix Printer, Maze Overlay, MCGA, MDS, Menu Title, Menucolor, Merge, Message, Message Format, Message Handler, Message Manager, Message Queue Information Store (MQIS), Message Transfer Agent, Messaging Name, Metacharacter, Methodology, Mhz, MIDI, MIDI Configuration Window, MIDI Instrument, MIDI Instrument Installation Wizard, MIDI Processor, MIME, MIME Encoding, Micro Channel Architecture, Micro Code, Micro Processor, Microcomputer, Microphone, Microprocesor Devellopment System (MDS), Microprocessor, Microprocessor Development System, Microsoft Hearts Network, Microwave, Migrate, Migration, Mixed, Mixed Chart, Mixed Mode Domain, Mixer, Mixer Driver, Mixing, Milestone, Minicomputer, Minimize, Minimized Window, Minimum, Minor, Minor Unit, Minus, Mirror, Mirror Image, Mirror Printing, Mirrored Pair, Mirrored Volume, Mirroring, Missing, Misspelling, MQIS, Mnemonic, Mode, Model, Modem, Modification, Modification Level, Modify, Modular, Modular Programming, Modulate, Modulator, Modulation, Module, Module Type, Monitor, Monitor Icons, Mono, Monoaural, Monocroma, Monospaced Font, Montage, Morphing/Morfen, Most Significant Digit, Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), Mount, Mouse, Mouse Button, Mouse Pad, Mouse Pointer, Mouse Resolution, Mouse Sample Rate, Move, Movie, Movie Object, MPEG, Ms-Dos, MTU, MUD, Multi Disc Program, Multi Port Card, Multi Standard Video, Multi Strobe, Multi-Color Graphics Adapter (MCGA), Multi-Homed System, Multi-Master Replication, Multi-Screen, Multi-User Dungeon (MUD), Multicast Address, Multimedia, Multimedia Presentation, Multimedia Web, Multinational Character Set, Multiple, Multiple Inheritance, Multiplex, Multiplexer, Multiplexing, Multiply, Multiplicand, Multiplier, Multiprocessing, Multiprogramming, Multiprotocol Interconnection, Multiprotocol Routing Service, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, Multitasking


Name, Name Discovery Process, Name Query Request Packet, Name Mapping, Name Registration Request Packet, Name Resolution, Name Server, Named Pipe, Namespace, Namespace Object, Naming Context, Naming Convention, National, National Language Character Set, National Language Support, Native, Native Device, Native Digits, Native Language, Native Mode Domain, Natural, Navigation, Near-Letter Quality, Negate, Negative, Negative Acknowledgement, Negative Indentation, Negotiated Binds, Next, Neighbor, Neighbor-List, Neighboring Routers, Nest, Nested Group Membership, Net, Net Folder, Net Watcher, Netbios Broadcast Packet Handling, Netmeeting Call, Netmeeting Conversation, Netshow Player, Netware Login Scripts, Network, Network Adapter, Network Adapter Card, Network Administrator, Network Basic Input/Output System (Netbios), Network Control Panel Applet, Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS), Network File System (NFS), Network Guest Logon, Network Id, Network Layer, Network Management, Network Manager, Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP), Network Redirector, Network Request, Network Setup Wizard, Network Sniffer, Network Topology, Network Transport, Network-Interface Printer, Network-To-Network Interface, Networking, New File System (NFS), Newsgroup Filters, NFS, Nibble (Measurement Unit), Nickname, NNTP, No Access, Node, Node Id, Noise, Non-Breaking Hyphen, Non-Breaking Space, Non-Linear, Non Preemptive Multitasking, Non-Printing Characters, Nonbreak Space, Nondisplay, None, Nonescaping Key, Nonimpact, Nonresident, Nonswitched Line, Nonuniform, Nonvolatile, Normal, Normal Drag, Normal Select, Not Yet Implemented, Notation, Notch, Note, Notebook Computer, Notepad, Notice, Notify, NT, NT Backup Media Label Library, NT Directory Service, NT File System, NT Server, NT Workstation, NTMS Scratch Media Label Library, Nucleus, Null, Null Character, Null Modem, Null Set, Number, Number Pad, Numbered List, Numeral, Numerator, Numeric, Numeric Keypad, Numerical


Object, Object Attribute, Object Class, Object Code, Object Domain, Object Directory Object, Object Handle, Object Id, Object Linking And Embedding, Object Model, Object Oriented, Object Packager, Object Program, Object Service, Object Table, Object Trustees, Object Type, Object-Based, Object-Oriented Analysis, Object-Oriented Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Object-Oriented Testing, OCR, Octal Numbering System, Octet, Odd, OEM, OEM Preinstallation Wizard, OEM Reset Reminder, Off, Off-Hours, Off-Page Connector, Offending, Office, Office Automation, Offline, Offline Address Book, Offline Network, Offline Network Agent, Offset, Ok, Okey (Ok.), Omit, On, On-Board, On Screen Display, On-Screen Keyboard, On Site, On The Fly, Online, Online Editing, Online Help, Online Registration, Online Registration Wizard, Ontrack Disk Manager, Opacity, Opcode, Open, Open Architecture, Open File, Open Look, Open Media Framework, Open System, Open Systems Architecture, Open Systems Interconnection, Open Systems Interconnection Architecture, Open Type Font, Operand, Operate, Operator, Operating System, Operation, Operationel, Opposite, Optical, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Disk, Optical Disk Platter, Optical Fiber, Optical Medium, Optimization, Optimum, Option, Optional, Optional Component Manager Library, Or, Order, Organizational Unit, Organize, Orientation, Origin, Original, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Orphan Control, Orphan Line, Oscillate, Oscillation, OSD, Out-Basket, Out-Of Memory, Outbox, Outdoor, Outgoing, Outgoing Message, Outlet, Outline, Outline Numbered List, Outlined Font, Outlook, Outlook Address Book, Outlook Bar, Outlook Form, Outlook-Specific İnformation, Output, Output Device, Output File, Output Mode, Output Pins, Output Queue, Output Tray, Outside Margin, Over-The-Net Installation Program, Overflow, Overhead, Overhead Projector, Overlap, Overlapped I/O, Overlay, Overlay Chart, Overlay Program, Overload, Override, Overrun, Overstrike, Overview, Overwrite, Owner, Owners Guide, Ownership


Pace, Pacing, Pack, Pack Bits, Package, Packed Field, Packet, Packet Delivery, Packet Internet Gropper (PING), Packet Loss, Packet Switching Network, Packet Tracing, Packetizer, Pad, Paddle, Page, Page Break, Page Down, Page Fault, Page Frame, Page Frame Database, Page File, Page Layout, Page Number, Page Printer, Page Setup, Page Table, Page Table Entry, Page Up, Paged Memory Management Unit (PMMU), Paginate, Paging, Paint, Paint Box, Paired, Paisley, Palette, Palmtop Computer, Pane, Panel, Panning, Paper, Paper Guide, Paper Jam, Paper Registration, Paper Release, Paragraph, Paragraph Mark, Parallel, Parallel Port, Parallel Port Interface, Parallel Port Mode, Parameter, Parent, Parent Domain, Parent Directory, Parent Element, Parenthesis, Parity, Parity Bit, Parity Stripes, Parse, Partial, Partition, Partition Table, Partner, Pass, Pass-Through, Pass-Through Authentication, Passive, Password, Password For Private Key, Password Generation Wizard, Password History, Password List, Password Synchronization Scheme, Password Uniqueness, Paste, Patch, Path, Pathname, Pattern, Pattern Background, Pattern Foreground, Pause, Payload Type, PB, PB Frames, PC, PCI, PCI-Docking Bridge, PCI-Docking Host Bridge, PCI To ISA Docking Bridge, PCI To PCI Docking Bridge, PCM, PCM Sample Rate, Peak, Peak Rate Per Flow, Peer, Peer Domain, Peer To Peer, Pending, Penetration, Percent, Perfect Forward Secrecy, Perforated, Perform, Performance, Performance Monitor, Period, Periodic-Announcement Timer, Peripheral, Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), Permanent, Permanent Shared Objects, Permit, Personal Address Book, Personal Computer, Personal Distribution List, Personal Folders, Personal History Lists, Personal Profile, Personal Web Server, Personalized Settings, Personel Computer (PC), Personel Identification Number (PIN), PGA, Phase, Phone Dialer, Photoconductor, Photorealism, Photorealistic, Phrase, Physical, Physical Configuration, Physical Layer, Physical Memory, PIN, PING, Pica, Picker, Picture, Picture Element, Picture Search (PS), Pie Chart, Piece of Media, Piggyback Acknowledgement, Pixel, Pin, Pin Count, Pin Media Type, Ping, Pinned, Pipe, Pipeline, Piping, Piracy, Pitch, Place Holder, Placement Policy, Plain Text, Plain-Text Password, Platform, Platform Preview, Plx Usb Test Board Driver, Plot, Plotter, Plotter Pens, Plug, Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator, Plug-Compatible, Plug-in, Pluggable, Pluggable Device, Plural, Plus Sign, PM, PMMU, Pocket, Pocket Guide, Point, Point of Presence, Point of Sale, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Pointer, Pointer Trails, Polar, Polarize, Policy, Poll, Poll Interval, Pool, Pool Configuration, Pool Quota, POP, Pop, Pop Directional Formatting, Pop Up Menu, Pop Up Message, Pop Up Window


Rack, Rack-Mounted, Radiation, Radio Button, Radius Server, Ragged Edge, Raise, Random, Random Access, Random-Access Memory(Ram), Raster, Raster Fonts (Bitmap Fonts), Raster Scan, Rate, Ratio, Rational Number, Raw, Read, Read (Rx), Read Only, Read Only Memory (ROM), Ready, Real, Real Formatting, Real-Mode Drivers, Real Number, Real Time Protocol, Real-Time Animation, Rearrange, Reassembled Samples, Reassign, Reattached Disk, Reboot, Recalibrate, Recall, Receipt, Receive, Receiver, Recent, Receptacle, Recognition, Reconnect, Record, Record Separator, Recover, Recoverable, Recovery, Recovery Backup, Recovery Preparation, Recovery Preparation Wizard, Recovery Save Set, Recovery Set, Recovery Wizard, Recursion, Recursive, Recursive Delete, Recycle, Redirector, Redirecting, Redo Catalog, Reduce, Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC), Redundancy, Redundancy Check, Reel, Reengineering, Refer, Reference, Reflect, Reflection, Refresh, Refresh Rate, Refuse, Regenerate, Region, Region Scaling, Register, Registered Drivers Internet Site, Registered Trademark, Registry, Registry Editor, Registry Key, Registry-Transaction, Regular Account, Reinstall, Reiterate, Reject, Required Hyphen, Required Pagebreak, Required Parameter, Requirement, Requirement Specification, Relation, Relational, Relational Database, Relational Operator, Relative, Relative Distinguished Name, Relative Name, Relay, Release, Reliability, Relocate, Remainder, Remark, Remembered Connections, Reminder, Remote, Remote Access, Remote Account, Remote Computer, Remote Home Directory, Remote Host, Remote Job Entry, Remote Power Off, Remote Power On, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Remote Storage Engine, Remote Storage Server, Removable Media, Remove, Rename, Reorder, Repaginate, Repair, Reparse Point, Repeat, Repeater, Replace, Replace Mode, Replace Server Name Wizard, Replicator, Replication, Replication Partners Wizard, Reply, Report, Repository, Representation, Rescan, Reseller, Reserve, Reserved Word, Reset, Resident, Resiliency, Resize, Resolution, Resolve, Resource, Resource Allocation View, Resource Meter, Response Time, Restart, Restore, Restore Button, Restore Wizard, Restrict, Result, Resume, Retail, Retention Period, Retrieve, Retry, Return, Return Code, Reusable, Reverse, Reverse Engineering, Reverse Image, Reverse Video, Revert, Review, Revisable-Form Text, Revise, Revision Bar, Revision Symbol, Rewind, RISC, Ribbon, Rich Text Format, Right Adjust, Right Align, Right Alignment, Right Indent, Right Justify, Right To Left Embedding, Right To Left Mark, Right To Left Override, Right-Handed, Ring Network, Rip-Learnt Routes, Rise, Risk Assesment, Rm Test Client, Roadmap, Robot, Robotics, Robustness Parameters, ROM, Roman


SAA, Sample, Sampler, Sampling, Satellite, Saturation, Save, Save As, Sbp2 Transport/Protocol Filter Driver, Scalability, Scalar, Scalar Medium Changers, Scaling, Scaling Factor, Scan, Scan (An Image), Scanner, Scatter, Scatter Chart, Schedule, Scheduled Session, Scheduled Task Wizard, Scheduled Tasks, Scheduler Job Object, Scheduler Queue Object, Scheduling, Scope, Scrap File, Scratch, Scratch Pool, Scratch Set, Screen, Screen Fonts, Screen Reader, Screen Saver, Screen Shot, Script, Script Editor, Scroll, Scroll Bar, Scroll Box, SCSI, Search, Search Direction, Search Path, Search Results List, Search Word, Secondary, Seconds-Since-Boot Threshold, Section, Section Break, Section Heading, Section Mark, Section Property, Section Start, Section Title, Sector, Secure Authentication, Secure Channel, Secure Password Authentication (SPA), Security, Security Accounts Manager, Security Audit, Security Audits, Security Configuration Editor, Security Descriptor, Security Id, Security Identifier (Sıd), Security Inspection, Security Method, Security Policy, Security Subsystem, Security Support Provider, Security Violation, Seek, Segment, Segmentation, Seize, Sequence, Sequencer, Sequential, Sequential Access, Sequential Access Storage, Select, Selected, Selected Item, Selection, Selective, Self Check, Self Explanatory, Self Service Machine, Self Test, Self-Timer, Semantics, Semantics Error, Semiconductor, Send, Send To Back, Sense, Sensitivity, Sensor, Sentence, Separate, Separator, Serial, Serial Communication, Serial Data, Serial Device, Serial Driver, Serial Interface, Serial Line IP, Serial Mouse, Serial Number, Serial Port, Serial Processing, Serial Printer, Server, Server Manager, Server Operators, Server-Based Profile, Service, Service Access Point, Service Account, Service Account Configuration, Service Control Dispatcher, Service Mode, Service Object, Session, Session Key, Session Layer, Session Manager, Session-Based Data Transmission, Set, Set Up, Setting, Setup, Setup Detection Notice, Setup Manager, Setup Script, Severity, Severity Code, Shade, Shaded, Shader, Shading, Shadow, Shadow Log, Shadowing, Shape, Share, Shared Directory, Shared Folder, Shared Printer, Shared Printers, Shared Symantec Winfax Starter Edition Settings, Shared Utilities, Shared Whiteboard, Shared Workbook, Sharename, Shareware, Sharing Violation, Shear, Sheet, Sheet-Feed, Shelf, Shelf Life, Shell, Shell Copy Hook, Shell Scrap Datahandler, Shift, Shift Key, Short, Shortcut, Shortcut Bar, Shortcut Key, Show, Shredder, Shrink, Shut Down, Sibling Element, Side, Side By Side, Sidebars, Sift, Sight, Sign, Sign-Off, Sign-On, Signal, Simple, Simple Binds, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Simple Query Wizard, Simple, Spanned, Mirrored, Striped, or Raid5 Volume, Simplex, Simulate, Simulator, Simulation, Simultaneous, Single


Tab, Tab Character, Tab Delimited, Tab Dialog, Tab Marker, Tab Position, Tab Ruler, Tab Stop, Table, Table Analyzer Wizard, Table Cell, Table Of Contents, Table Update Autoformat, Tablet, Tabloid, Tabulate, Tag, Tag For Routes, Tag Image File Format, Tag Image File Format (TIFF), Tailor, Tape, Tape Backup, Tape Backup Device, Tape Deck, Tape Mark, Tape Reel, Target, Task Force, Task List, Task Manager, Task Scheduler, Tbusy, TCP, TCP Header, TCP/IP Protocol, TCP Utilities, Technical, Technical Support, Technical Support Deptartment, Text, Text Box Link, Text Editor, Text Mode, Text-To-Speech, Texture, Texture Map, Texture Or Surface Mapping, Telecommunication, Teleconferencing, Teleprocessing, Teleprocessing Network, Telnet, Telnet Terminal Id, Template, Template Account, Temporary, Tensile, Tentative, Terabyte, Term, Terminal, Terminal Emulator, Terminal Emulation, Terminal Keys, Terminal Modes, Terminate, Terminator, Test, Thai Kedmanee, Thai Kedmanee (Non-Shiftlock), Thai Pattachote, Thai Pattachote (Non-Shiftlock), Theory, Thermal, Thesaurus, Thick, Thin, Third Party, Thousands Separator, Thread, Thread Dispatching, Thread Local Storage, Thread Scheduling, Threshold, Throttle Mechanism, Throughput, TIFF, Tick, Tick Count, Ticket, Ticket Renewal, Tie Line, Tightly Coupled, Time, Time Format, Time Frame, Time Interval, Time Sharing, Time Slice, Time Stamp, Time to Live (TTL), Time Zone, Timeframe, Timex Data Link Watch, Timex Data Link Watch Wizard, Timeout, Timer, Tip, Title, Title Bar, Title Page, Toggle Button, Toggle Keys, Token File, Token Object, Token Ring Network, Tone, Tone Dialing, Toner, Tool, Tool Box, Tool Palette, Toolbar, Toolkit, Toolvox Realtime Codec, Top-Level Favorite, Top Margin, Top of Form (Tof), Top of Page, Top Users, Topdown Programming, Topic, Topology, Total, Total Allocation Units, Total Disk Space, Touch, Touch Screen, Touch Sensitive, Trace, Trace Log, Track, Track Ball/Trackball, Tracking, Tracking /Server/ Service, Tracking Service, Tractor, Trade Secrets, Trademark, Trail, Trailer, Trailer Label, Training, Transaction, Transaction Driven, Transaction File, Transaction Server, Transaction Server Environment, Transaction Server System, Transceiver, Transcription Machine, Transfer, Transfer Rate, Transform, Transient Area, Transistor, Transit Area, Transition, Transitive Trust, Translate, Translator, Transmission, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Transmission Frequency, Transmit, Transparent, Transparent Asmo, Transport, Transport Driver Interface (TDI), Transport Layer, Trap, Trap Handler, Trash, Traverse, Traverse Checking, Tray, Tree Network, Tree Search, Trendline, Tributary Station, Trigger, Triggered-Update, Trim, Trivial, Troubleshooting, True, Truetype, Truetype Fonts, Truncate


UDP, UDP Listener Ports, UI (User Interface), Ultraviolet, Unable, Unary, Unassign, Unassigned Copy, Unattended, Unattended Operation, Unavailable, Unbalanced, Unbind, Unblock, Uncheck, Unconditional, Underline, Underscore, Undo, Unexpected Object, Unformatted, UNI, Unicode, Uniform, Uniform Resource Locator (URL), Unix-To-Unix Copy, Unique, Uniqueness Database File, Unindent, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Union, Unipolar, Unit, Unit of Measurement, Unit Separator, Universal, Universal Time Coordinated, Unknown, Unlink, Unlisted Driver, Unload, Unload Tape, Unlock, Unlocked, Unmapped, Unmarked, Unmount, Unnamed, Unnested, Unnumbered, Unordered, Unpack, Unreachability Reason, Unrecoverable, Unspike, Untitled, Unwind, Unzip, Up-Time, Up-To-Date, Update, Update Device Driver Wizard, Update Sequence Number, Updated Driver, Upgrade, Upgrade Kit, Upgrade Wizard, Upgrade Wizard-Printing, Upgradeability, Upload, Uppercase, UPS, Upside Down, Upsizing, Upstream, Upward Compatibility, URL, Usability, Usability Test, Usable, USB Personality Module, Usenet, User, User Account, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), User Environment, User Exit, User Friendly/User-Friendly, User Files, User Group, User Id, User Interaction, User Interface (UI) Class, User Manager, User Mode, User Network (Usenet), User Profile, User Profile Editor, User’s Guide, User’s Reference, User-To-Network Interface, User-To-Network Interface (UNI), UTC, Utility (Program), Utilities


Vaccine Program, Valid, Validate, Validate a User's Logon Request, Validation Check, Value, Value Y Axis, Variable, Vary off, Vary on, Vector, Vector Font, Vector Graphic, Vector Symbol Set (VSS), Vectorial, Vendor, Venn Diagram, Verification, Verify, Verify Operation, Versatile, Version, Vertical, Vertical Redundancy Check, VGA, Video, Video Card, Video Delay, Video Format, Video Frame, Video Graphics Adapter (VGA), Video Graphics Array, Video Loss, Video Memory, Video Monitor, Video Screen, Video Sequence, Video Tape, Videoconferencing, View, Viewport Size, Viewpoint, Virtual, Virtual Address Space, Virtual DOS Machine (VDM), Virtual Directory, Virtual File, Virtual Memory (VM), Virtual Memory Management, Virtual Memory Manager, Virtual Neighbor Router, Virus, Vision, Visual, Visual Warning, VlS Medium Changers, Vocabulary, Voice, Voice Recognition, Voice Services, Voice Synthesizer, Voice-Grade Channel, Void, Volatile Key, Volatile Memory, Volatility, Volume, Volume Bitmap, Volume Control, Volume Label, Volume Manager, Volume Object, Volume Serial Number, Volume-Set, VSS


Wafer, WAIS, Wait, WAN, Wand (Reader), Wanding, Warm Start, Warning, Warning Beep, Warning Message, Wave, Wavelength, Way, Wbem User Manager, Web Browser, Web Open, Web Printer Shell Extension, Web Server Internet Address, Webbot Registration Component, Webmaster, Wheel, Whisper Box, Whisper Headers, White Balance (Default), White Pages, White Temperature, Whiteboard, Whole, WINNT Namespace Object, WINNT Provider Object, WINS, Wıns Manager Snap-In Wizard, Wide, Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS), Wide Area Network (WAN), Widen, Widow Control, Widow Line, Width, Wildcard, Wildcard Character, Win32 API, Window, Window Title Bars, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), Windows Internet Naning Service (WINS), Windows Keys, Windows On Win32 (Wow), Windows Reporting Tool, Windows Time Service, Wire-Frame Represertation, Wizard, Word, Word Processing, Word Wrap, Work, Work Breakdown Structure, Work File, Work Menu, Workfile, Workgroup, Workgroup Administrator, Workgroup Information, Workgroup Postoffice, Working Directory, Working Set, Worksheet, Workspace, Workstation, World Wide Web (WWW), WORM, Wraparound, Wrapper, Write, Write Access, Write Enable Notch, Write Protect, Write Protect Notch, Write Protect Tab, Write Protected, Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM), WWW


Zero Index Carrier Return, Zero Width Joiner, Zero Width Non-Joiner, Zip, Zip Code, Zone, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom Out

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